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Collectively known as the Neilyverse. I love watching films and Tv drama series. My favourites push the boundaries of the medium, others just follow a test audiences idea of what should happen. I prefer lots of WTF moments or genuine touching moments that creep up on you. I think i expect too much sometimes lol.

By neil, Feb 18 2017 10:24AM

A scientist is called in to help Special Forces in Moldova to fight invisible killers. An interesting and well filmed effort from the Netflix studio. Brilliant effects and good direction are slightly let down by a supernatural plot. Worth a evening entertainment if you like the Sci-fi/horror cross over idea. 5.8/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 18 2017 10:19AM

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as a former neurosurgeon who is forced to the seek mystic arts in order for him to recover from life changing injuries and discovers a fight for the world from another dimension. Some great “Inception” effects mixed with a child’s kaleidoscope make for a psychedelic viewing. Though the plot is not exactly rocket science and a few of the jokes seem to have been added after “Dead pool” / “Guardians of the galaxy”, the film sets up the Dr Strange character up nicely for his future involvement with the Marvel superhero universe. 5.9/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 18 2017 09:55AM

Selene (the luscious Kate Bekinsale) must team up the last of the Vampires that exiled her in order to fight the new Lycan (Werewolf) leader who is hell bent on killing them all and drinking her blood. I really enjoyed “Underworld: Awakenings” but for this outing they seemed to have dug up a previous script and it is feeling far too familiar and bland. Whatever ! 5.0/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 14 2017 01:48PM

After an amazing trailer this highly anticipated Marvel superhero movie could have been better. The story is that after letting a powerful sorceress unleash a powerful end of the world baddie it is up to the Government to amass a team of villains to go on a suicide mission to stop the apocalypse. I think the re shoots and the re editing detracted from the back ground stories but what you have left is still a nice twist on the usual super hero bollocks. Margot Robbie steals the show as Harley Quinn and has all the best lines. 6.0/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 14 2017 01:35PM

A mobile phone app that dares the participant to face and film challenges for cash drives two friends apart as they strive for popularity. A fast paced “Young Adult” tale that swings a bit of romance into the adrenalin induced tale. Don’t be expecting anything too deep. 5.9/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 14 2017 01:11PM

Based on the true story of a company of Irish UN troops peacekeeping in sixties Africa. As the country falls into deeper unrest they are besieged by an overwhelming force. Once the battle ensues the film goes into a full action movie with some great set scenes. A good effort for a Netflix funded film. 6.3/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Jan 27 2017 01:25PM

A man who is a maths savant is hired by the world’s criminals to keep their books. The US treasury try to track him down as he discovers a discrepancy in one of his legit clients with an in house female book keeper which puts them both in danger. Unluckily for the firm he also has a more violent skill set at hand. Ben Affleck does a great job in this action film with a twist. Not quite “John Wick” in my book but well received by many. 6.9/10

Watch the trailer here

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