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My name is Neil and this is my Universe...

Collectively known as the Neilyverse. I love watching films and Tv drama series. My favourites push the boundaries of the medium, others just follow a test audiences idea of what should happen. I prefer lots of WTF moments or genuine touching moments that creep up on you. I think i expect too much sometimes lol.

By neil, Feb 18 2017 10:26AM

An aboriginal detective returns from the city to his home town in the outback to look for a missing girl and finds a hot bed of lawlessness and corruption. A dark crime thriller full of rich characters in this original fight for justice. 6.0/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 18 2017 10:08AM

Ben Affleck in this prohibition gangster tale of revenge and betrayal...though not in that order. After the superb TV show “Broadwalk Empire” Affleck’s film seems a bit “Clean”. It tries to be “Goodfellas” 1920, or even “Once Upon a time in America” but is far too polished. Affleck looks like a large suit hanger rather than a snappy wealthy mob boss. On its plus side it has a well paced plot and I didn’t find myself getting bored but you will forget it within a couple of months. 5.6/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 18 2017 09:59AM

A stream of mysterious murders are carried out in a small region of rural South Korea, and it is up to the bumbling lazy sergeant to discover the cause. Unfortunately for him the problem comes to visit him and the love of his life, his daughter. At two and ¾ hours this film was too long. The far east school of acting was in full effect with grown men screaming like girls at the slightest problem. Towards the end I just wanted it to finish as it seemed never ending and not releasing clues to what was going on fast enough. 5.0/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 14 2017 01:57PM

Tom Hanks runs about Rome and the Vatican trying to stop an apocalypse whilst being pursued by subversive element. Probably the weakest of the three? Dan Brown films. It felt like “National Treasure” does Rome. Bit of historic art-chase-bit of history-chase Etc. The concussion that Hanks got at the start of the film seemed to go on too long to. I swear I was having visions at one point. 5.0/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 14 2017 01:27PM

A young ex-dj returns to Ibiza after previous mistakes to visit his old buddy and gets mixed up in a drug deal that he has tried to avoid. A cheesy black comedy with stereotypical views of the Ibiza experience. No one is particularly charismatic in this drug caper. Expect a cameo from DJ Carl Cox and panto playboy Darren day. Yep..pretty shit. 4.0/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Jan 27 2017 01:23PM

I was a bit underwhelmed by Jack Reacher, whereas Jack Reacher “2” is a lot better. After a potential date with his military replacement, Jack Reacher learns that she has been arrested. Jack smells a rat and gets involved with proving her innocence. Lots of action and good pacing keep the movie flowing even if you can spot the bad guys a mile off. 6.2/10

Watch the trailer here

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