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My name is Neil and this is my Universe...

Collectively known as the Neilyverse. I love watching films and Tv drama series. My favourites push the boundaries of the medium, others just follow a test audiences idea of what should happen. I prefer lots of WTF moments or genuine touching moments that creep up on you. I think i expect too much sometimes lol.

By neil, Feb 18 2017 10:08AM

Ben Affleck in this prohibition gangster tale of revenge and betrayal...though not in that order. After the superb TV show “Broadwalk Empire” Affleck’s film seems a bit “Clean”. It tries to be “Goodfellas” 1920, or even “Once Upon a time in America” but is far too polished. Affleck looks like a large suit hanger rather than a snappy wealthy mob boss. On its plus side it has a well paced plot and I didn’t find myself getting bored but you will forget it within a couple of months. 5.6/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 18 2017 10:03AM

As a bullied boy struggles to cope with the slow demise of his mother a strange monster wakes him in the middle of the night and helps him through his traumas. A good film with great effects that deals with some bleak issues in an original way. Felicity Jones (Star Wars Rogue One) does a great turn in this with the legendary Sigourney Weaver in support. A bit of a downer subject wise, but worth a watch, if you can cope with it. 6.2/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 18 2017 09:51AM

Matthew McConaughey, as Kenny Wells a mining prospector who is down on his look, and his search for billions in gold in Indonesia. This is loosely based on actual events but the original company and characters were Canadian. A fantastic drama that will have you routing for the heavy drinking Kenny as he swims through the big money corporation sharks. A highly recommended watch. 7.1/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 14 2017 01:51PM

The re-boot of the epic 1959 classic film which starred Charlton Heston. Ben Hur is an affluent and powerful Jew that after a Roman occupation is wrongly accused of being involved with an assassination plot. After being incarcerated he must then fight his way back to avenge his family. This feels like a cheapo version of the original sponsored by some Christian fund management fund. The Jesus bits felt like they had been patched on to appease some one that wasn’t me. A couple of good action scenes (Chariot race / slave ship) were the best of a bad bunch. Ben Hur came across as someone that needed a slap in the face and had no charisma at all. 4.5/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 14 2017 01:37PM

The excellent Michael Shannon stars as Tom, who is celebrating his birthday, when his ex-girlfriend turns up with a new identity to surprise him and to make him question his choices that he is to make for the rest of his life. A bit of a mystery drama that fizzles rather than roars. 5.3/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 14 2017 01:35PM

A mobile phone app that dares the participant to face and film challenges for cash drives two friends apart as they strive for popularity. A fast paced “Young Adult” tale that swings a bit of romance into the adrenalin induced tale. Don’t be expecting anything too deep. 5.9/10

Watch the trailer here

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