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Collectively known as the Neilyverse. I love watching films and Tv drama series. My favourites push the boundaries of the medium, others just follow a test audiences idea of what should happen. I prefer lots of WTF moments or genuine touching moments that creep up on you. I think i expect too much sometimes lol.

By neil, Jul 1 2016 12:31PM

The story of the home guard on the south coast of England during the Second World War. This is based on the popular comedy TV show of the 70’s. Unfortunately despite great casting of all the original characters, the film lacks comedy and any serious engaging plot. I would avoid if I was you and be wary of anyone that tells you this is a great film. 4.0/10

Watch the Trailer here

By neil, Jul 1 2016 11:47AM

After World War 2 a couple who are visiting Scotland on a historic trip are separated through time as the Wife is dropped in the middle of a feudal Scotland under the tyranny of the English. This started off as a bit of a “Mills and Boon” tale but towards the end got quite daring and risky with its content and plot. The end of season 1 had even me wincing at some scenes. It’s currently in a lavish season 2, and its popularity has made orders to two more seasons a sure thing. A well produced tale from the man that gave us the new “Battlestar Galactica”. 7.0/10

Watch the Trailer here

By neil, Apr 19 2016 12:34AM

Set in New England at the time of the Pilgrim Fathers, this religious horror gives a different era twist on the genre. After leaving the Christian community a family has its baby abducted and slowly falls to pieces. I can see why American audiences walked out as the language and accents are thick with bible English. I found it a slog to get to the end but the last 20 minutes ramped it up enough for me to think I didn’t mind it. I’m not sure if I could watch again though I will admit it was well made and it reminded me of a Ben Wheatley type of film. 5.4/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Mar 15 2016 08:40AM

For a period drama this isn’t bad. I would describe it as “pride and prejudice…………..and zombies”. The zombies and action add to the plot but stay in the background but add a nice twist to the tale. I wish this was a “15 or 18” certificate rather than a “12” as due to this most of the violence is off screen and implied. This could have been better but by no means bad. 5.7/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Mar 15 2016 08:32AM

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe give the classic monster story a good slant in this lavish production. Yes I agree that Daniel Radcliffe looks like he is auditioning for the part of Robert Smith in a “Cure” Biopic and he is constantly acted off the screen by McAvoy but it’s still quite enjoyable. As the pair sew together body parts in their experiments, a keen police inspector is on their trail played by Andrew Scott (Moriarty-Sherlock). I felt as though they couldn’t get the rights to a Sherlock character so they decided to get a character to play a part in his style, in this case – Inspector Turpin. Nevertheless a above average and respectable offering. 6.0/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Mar 15 2016 08:25AM

This drama follows the life of a senior partner in a music company, Century Records, in 1970’s America. Produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, this decadent tale of excess and love of music, rates well with the dizzy heights of “Broadwalk Empire”. I’m really enjoying this at the moment especially the portrayal of rock stars and icons of the Era. 7.4/10

Watch the trailer here

By neil, Feb 29 2016 02:39PM

Set at the end of the American Civil war, three Southern females await the return of their male relations from the War as the Union army approaches, ransacking the southern provinces. Whilst fending for themselves they attract the unwanted attention of two Yankee army scouts who are out for whatever they can take.

A well shot and told tale that kept the tension high when it found its moments. I thought it was a bit limited on actual story and felt it spent half the film introducing us to the three women and their lives but not bad. 5.3/10

Watch the trailer here

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